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My life was going great; I had lost fifty pounds and was working out at the gym on a regular schedule. My family was doing well. I felt so happy on August 5, 2004 and then it changed forever in a moment. Our twenty-four year old son had been shot by enemy fire in Iraq and succumbed to his injuries. I sat in my recliner for the next five years, mostly crying and pushing myself to do what I had to do to minimally maintain my home. I had put on twenty pounds. When I started to work on my weight, I would take up to ten pounds off slowly, and then it would creep back upon me.....

As a former football and rugby player, size and weight were always important – pretty well required – aspects of my physical stature and appearance. So for the longest time, it was almost a contest with myself to see how big I could get, and, of course, while playing and training, that increase was basically healthy and encouraged. Well, after a while, you stop training… but the training table is a hard one away from which to push yourself, and the weight packs on fast.....

CONTROL - There’s nothing like it!

In November, 2010, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Over the years, my body repeated the same cycle of weight loss and weight gain. I have tried every weight loss program and diet pill, engaged in extreme workouts to meditative yoga, and, when all else failed, found comfort in food.....

Hello, I wanted to share this story as a testament to the success I've had working the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program. For the past 30+ years, I have suffered with Obesity and Obesity related Health Issues. At age 57 I was heavier and more out of shape than at anytime during my life.....

My name is Margie, and I found Dr. Anderson at Annapolis Medical Weight Loss through my Ob/Gyn doctor.  I have tried many diets and training programs.  Nothing seemed to work.  I started under Dr. Anderson's dietary plan and the first week I lost 4 lbs!  The following weeks, while staying disciplined, I continued to steadily lose weight...

Weight gain and weight loss is a struggle for many.  I am no exception.  It may even be harder for me.  I was a skinny kid growing up and never really had to worry about what I ate.  I never had to worry about having that second piece of dessert.  We are also the generation that grew up on fast food.  How much easier could it have been to load up on extra calories?  All you had to do was "drive-thru."  So after years of pretty much eating whatever and whenever I wanted, it started showing in my middle section.....

I didn't have many pictures of myself taken at 259 lbs.  I wasn't a fan of the way I looked.  We all have stories of weight gain and weight loss.  I am no exception.  I was a tall skinny girl who was lucky enough to be able to eat pretty much what I wanted and not gain.  My first pregnancy 32 years ago was the beginning of the vicious cycle for me.  I gained close to 50 lbs with that child and was surprised that it didn't magically disappear after delivery...

"Highly recommended.  I was overweight, with declining health- high cholesterol, sleep apnea, borderline diabetes, and depression.  I decided to try Annapolis Medical Weight Loss.  With the help of Dr. Anderson, I was able to lose over 100 pounds and keep the weight off by following the weight loss program that was set up for me.  I no longer have any of those health issues and feel like a new person."

I am a 60 year old female who has had trouble losing and keeping weight off. My last attempt was 4 years ago when I successfully lost over 60 pounds by restricting my carbohydrates and increasing my exercise.....

BP well controlled, knee pain and back pain resolved. Sleep apnea almost resolved. Cholesterol lowered, clothes loose, energy increased and hopeful!!

In 2007 after 22 years of daily running and working on steel decks in the Navy led me to several knee arthroscopies with eventual orders from the doctors for no more running since I was likely facing knee replacement surgery….


Dr. Anderson

Please accept my most sincere thank you. Your program has changed my life. I can't even count all my diet attempts throughout the years. I would get close then slip backwards. I was so frustrated. It drove me crazy. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me...

I have struggled with weight loss for years, joining programs and having some success, but never losing what I needed to. I began to think that I was just going to spend the rest of my life overweight and taking medications. When I saw an ad in the local paper for Annapolis Medical Weight Loss, I decided to try again. I don’t know what to tell people what the biggest benefit of my going to AMWL has been. Is it the compliments that I get for how I look? Maybe it’s that I can go up three flights of stairs and not lose my breath.....

I have been very healthy and active in intense physical activities most of my adult life. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis, and placed on prednisone, a steroid. Within the first month of taking it I gained twenty- five pounds. Within four months I had gained fifty-five pounds. It seemed that my weight was increasing with each month. I was taken off the medication at that point. It didn’t seem to matter how closely I monitored what I ate or how much exercise I did, my weight wasn’t coming off. In fact, I was still gaining weight every month.....

“. . . it is worth it to get a first assessment by people who understand weight problems. To my surprise, I found a caring, helpful staff who know what a life long struggle weight loss can be. They are honest, upfront and are willing to help you.”

I have struggled with weight loss my entire life. At 298 pounds 2 years ago, I had given up. I had been totally against weight loss surgery but I was feeling hopeless. And I was going to have the surgery. My general practitioner asked if I had ever tried a medical weight loss program. I said no but didn’t believe anything would work. My back was failing, my knees do not exist, I couldn’t walk 20 feet and I felt nothing would work. After 2 more months of trying to go it alone, I decided to call Dr. Anderson. If you join or not, it is worth the fee to get a first assessment by people who understand weight problems.....

“. . . I have tried numerous weight loss programs in the past, from Jenny to LA Weight Loss, pills, shakes - you name it, I've tried it.. It was different with a medical doctor in charge of your care”

AMWL is great! I have tried numerous weight loss programs in the past, from Jenny, to LA Weight loss, pills, shakes you name it I’ve tried it. When I started this program I realized it was different with a medical doctor in charge of your care, to advise and assist you along the way to your weight loss goals. The very first week I lost five pounds! The second week I lost four. And the weight continued to drop off, until I reached my target weight! You see in those other programs I never reached my target weight! This is a great program, the supplements are great and you have support with Dr. Anderson and his staff. Thanks AMWL!

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Manuel, over 100 lbs off... No more sleep apnea, diabetes, high cholesterol or depression

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