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Dedicated to helping you reach and maintain your weight loss goals

You have taken the first step toward better health! We are a medical practice in the Annapolis area, which is dedicated solely to helping people reach and maintain their weight loss goals. We treat patients in need of any amount of weight loss, from those who just need to shed a few pounds, to those who suffer from morbid obesity and its associated health issues. Your visits are always with a physician who is skilled in treating complex medical conditions.

Our weight loss & maintenance plans combine controlled calorie diets, medical monitoring, nutrition instruction, and lifestyle counseling. We find that many of our patients have had transient successes with various programs in the past, only to later regain their weight and more. Maintenance of your weight loss this time is a crucial focus of our program through ongoing teaching and support.

Average weight loss after one

Unlike the usual disclaimers, these results ARE TYPICAL for our program (based on a random sample of over 500 of our patients—adults of all ages).

Our program's common side effect: greatly improved energy!

Always one-on-one with the same physician

Physician-customized plan for safe non-surgical weight loss

Emphasis on long-term maintenance strategies to keep the weight off

Located in

Waugh Chapel


To better serve our working patients and families, in addition to normal business hours, we also offer lunchtime and evening hours.


Initial consultation

with no obligation,

just $19

David C. Anderson, MD

Board Certified in both Obesity

Medicine and Family Medicine

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Dr. David Anderson


Why Medical Weight Loss

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2401 Brandermill Blvd., Suite 360,
(410) 721-9862

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SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
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